Direct mail has been around for some time, with its first known appearance back in 1000BC. It is quite amazing to think that it still remains one of the most common ways in which to communicate and advertise.

It has always been an ideal way to communicate with a variety of tailored audience groups whilst also effectively delivering the desired message of the campaign.

Here at Alpha Response, we are experts when it comes to direct mail. That is why we wanted to share with you all of the great benefits of direct mail and how these benefits can help your business grow.



Target Specific and Refined

To get the best results from your campaign, it is essential to target the desired specific audience. This can often be a challenge with any other form of advertising such as digital.

Digital advertisements cannot always accurately target the desired target audience. With direct mail, you can target a variety of demographics which will allow your campaign to target a highly refined audience group. The audience will have an interest, connection or association with your business or message, therefore, will engage well with the direct mail.


Physical and Interactional

One of the many benefits of direct mail is that it encourages the audience to physically interact with the campaign. Receiving something physical that you can interact with often feels far better than just stumbling across a digital advert on your feed or on a website.

Receiving a piece of direct mail is considered more substantial, as you feel as though you have gained something.


Personable and Authentic

Nowadays, it is rare to receive anything personal. Digital advertisements may be tailored to suit your preferences, but they are never directed specifically at an individual. This is where direct mail is different and offers a far more attractive appeal.

Direct mail can be directly tailored and personalised in a variety of ways. Whether it is including their name within the message, handwriting the address or including highly specific marketing collateral that is relevant to them – direct mail will always feel more authentic and genuine.


Profitable Return on Investment

Due to the high volume in engagement that direct mail tends to receive – direct mail is great for getting a high ROI. This makes direct mail an ideal cost-effective choice for businesses.

With the ability to mass-produce and mail direct mail, there are brilliant cost-saving rates available. The cost of mailing is relatively economical too.


Attracts New Audience

If you are looking to target a new audience, direct mail is a perfect choice. You can tailor the campaign to reach both existing audiences or a new audience of your choice.

This allows you to successfully advertise your business to not only the right audience but to a new audience which will bring in more enquiries and raise more interest. This is a highly credible professional way to approach introducing your business.



If you are a business looking to invest in direct mail, why not contact us here at Alpha Response? We have a highly skilled team available, who are dedicated to producing effective creative solutions for your unique business.

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