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Years ago, there was this excitement of receiving an email, but with the rise of automatic emails and online marketing, people now prefer to have what they had ‘back in the day’ which is this in-person form of marketing. When customers feel they are being personally spoken to by a particular brand, it has massively positive repercussions for retention and engagement.

When you consider the personalised nature that can be taken with any form of print, it should come as no surprise that printed physical advertising also leads to a stronger emotional response amongst the general public. Having something which can be held, touched, and physically handled has been shown to make a substantial difference in the effectiveness of advertising.

Selecting offers and deals specific to each customer can also be seen as an effective form of personalisation. When people see a certain discount or deal that speaks to them personally, this is something that instantly grabs their attention. They are going to be far more likely to carry on reading whatever you have written on your advertisement if this opening statement catches their attention.

We provide a full range of direct marketing services for small businesses to multinationals. Our direct mail house is highly rated and leads the way in transforming how direct mail services are delivered, through this close connection to leading postal giants, The Royal Mail. Our high-quality marketing services are perfect for any business looking for a mailing house to fulfil mail campaigns, providing an end-to-end solution. Contact us today for a free quotation from our UK-based mailing house for your next mailing campaign.

What Is Direct Mail?

Direct mail, in its meaning, is addressed advertising sent to a named person for a direct purpose, hence the name ‘direct mail’. Many definitions of direct mail mention the word ‘unsolicited’. However, many direct mailings are for transactional mailing. Transactional direct mailings can be bank statements, invoices, utility bills, etc, which you can find here.

Whether you are looking for mailing companies for advertising direct marketing or transactional mailings, we can certainly help. It’s a unique, powerful tool for developing relationships with customers who want to hear from you, because it physically and personally connects your brand with your audience. You can carefully select who the direct mail is sent out to, sending specific messages to certain audience members who may live in a certain area or postcode region.

How Is Direct Mail Different To Normal Mail?

Direct mail becomes part of the home once it is through the letter box and is engaged with 4.2 times on average once it is in front of the customer. 45% of direct mail stays in households for a month or more, so it’s not surprising that it drives further activity down the line, improving immediate response times and those weeks down the line. 31% of direct mail leads to commercial actions, whether that’s purchasing, going online to your website or visiting a store. Add personalisation to this, the ROI goes up to 50%! There’s no wonder that 70% of consumers say direct mail makes them feel more valued in comparison to online marketing such as emails and social media offers. And let’s face it, who can blame them!

Direct Mailing At Alpha Response

We are a leading UK based mailing house based in Gloucestershire, sending out thousands of direct mail pieces each day to our many customers. We are experts in direct mail, mailshots, direct marketing and much more. We specialise in addressed mail services, postage solutions, postage discounts, as well as unaddressed door drops, leaflet distribution, and printing and mailing services globally.

Here at Alpha Response, our focus is on fast turnaround mailings, working closely alongside The Royal Mail to ensure our printed media and direct mail is sent out quickly and correctly. We have a plethora of clients with many large UK brands using our services. Our direct mail service provides end to end mailing services with full campaign management. Mail-out companies such as ourselves are the perfect partner to take the hassle out of your next marketing strategy, especially if you are favouring direct mail. We can tailor your mail campaign to your target audience and ensure you get a return on investment.

As a channel in itself, direct mail has huge advantages for marketers or small/big companies. It offers flexibility because the format and audience can be tweaked and targeted as needed and you can pinpoint the exact potential customer you want to target using your own valuable first-party data. For instance, if you were a marketing agency targeting a specific group, let’s say theatres, you can provide exceptional creative possibilities for this direct mail, implementing imagery, language and layout that is specific to that category of business only. After all, direct mail excels at building customer relationships.

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Direct mail is one of the most effective forms of marketing that every business should utilise to the best of their ability. When you send mail out in the post to your customers, it literally puts your message into customers’ hands – and makes it relevant to them and only them if the personalisation is done correctly. Make sure to contact us today for a free quote on starting your journey to direct mail success for your business.

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