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When it comes to mailing important documents or 3D mail, you need speed and efficiency in the delivery of your direct mail. Here at Alpha Response, we have the enclosing equipment and skilled operators needed to offer you the highest levels of mailing service, cost-effectively.

Our team of experts work non-stop around the clock in order to enable that products and mail are sent out on time to the correct consumer. Below you can read about each step in our mailing solutions process, with the different options we offer to protect your mail, address your mail and the postal discounts we can offer through working with leading professionals in the mailing industry.

Enclosing – automated or manual

Our versatile machines handle sizes from DL letters up to C4, enclosing as many as seven items per envelope at up to 7,000 items per hour. If it’s a tricky job which our machines can’t cope with, we have expert hand workers to see your materials accurately assembled and presented for delivery.

Inkjet addressing

To keep customers and clients alike satisfied, you need versatile addressing equipment that can meet the requirements of every job. Our inkjetting systems can address one-piece mailers, closed-face envelopes or postcards. If you want hand-written fonts for the personalised look, we can do that too.

Variable data printing systems apply images onto direct mail and other mail pieces at high speed. Other systems offer modular design and simple operation, and are particularly suitable for administrative institutions, such as schools and local councils.

Our inkjetting systems combine technologies together to help achieve the inkjet addressing goals set by our customers. From cartridge-based inkjet addressing systems to pressurised commercial inkjet systems and UV inkjet address printers, our systems can accommodate any inkjet addressing or variable printing set-up at a cost-effective budget.

Polywrapping and Tabbing

Do you want to protect a magazine, brochure or periodical and keep postal weights (and costs) to a minimum? Our flexible equipment can polywrap your items for you.

For folded mailers, seal with tabbing to avoid using envelopes. We use the same technology to stick stamps and piggyback labels when needed. We can polywrap a diverse variety of printed matter through automation.

Our team can work with you to achieve Mail mark postage discounts even for polywrapped mailings as well as monitor pack weights to ensure the most cost effective format is achieved for UK postage, ensuring the process is cost effective, strongest, all-weather and robust packaging materials.

Enclosing of Sainsbury’s Magazine

To see our automated enclosing machine in action watch the video.

Postal discounts

When sending out mail, you may find it can cost you a considerable amount in postage fees, especially items that are individual. Whether it be pet food, soft toys… you name it, we’ve sent it. So, no matter how 3D your mailing is, you can be sure that Alpha Response can handle it.

What’s key for you is that our years of experience working with postal carriers mean we can find the best price for your mailing, whatever you want to send. Our location is also easily accessible to major roadways, so quick and easy postage options are also available (first, second class…etc).


Data – handling, processing, managing

Don’t worry about what form your data comes in. We’ll sort it out. Plus we can manage your data to minimise waste and maximise your return. We can:

  • Convert files from PC, MAC, UNIX and all common formats, creating lookups and selections based on values within fields or from other external data
  • Merge and purge multiple files, deduping and applying any of the common suppression files including the Mail Preference Service
  • Correctly address, correctly casing the address data, add postcodes run against the Royal Mail PAF file to improve deliverability.
  • Mailsort and Mailmark services available to maximise your postal discounts.
  • Provide bespoke services such as database management and standalone applications for one-off users
  • Capture data, providing analysis including the use of our Business Reply service.

Alpha Response

Where Quality Mailing Meets Precision

At Alpha Response, we understand the power of print. Our dedicated printing services cater to businesses of all sizes, delivering high-quality prints with precision and professionalism.

For projects that require fast turnaround times and variable data printing capabilities, our digital printing services offer the perfect solution, with a first-class mailing system to go with it. With state-of-the-art digital printers, we deliver exceptional prints with sharp detail and vibrant colours, perfect for short runs, personalised materials, and on-demand printing needs.

With our close connections to the Royal Mail, we can offer postal discounts for those who print and mail with us. Whether you need eye-catching marketing materials, sleek business cards, or polished corporate brochures, we have the expertise and capabilities to bring your vision to life and get it sent out quickly and to the right audience.

Explore our comprehensive range of printing and mailing services and discover how we can help you make a lasting impression. Have a question you need answering? Be sure to contact us below.


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