Royal Mail & Postal Discounts

The Benefits Of Postal Discounts

When looking to send out mail for your business, you need speed and efficiency in the delivery of that mail to ensure your customers receive it on time and in the best condition. Here at Alpha Response, we have the enclosing equipment and skilled operators needed to offer you the highest levels of mailing service, cost-effectively. Working closely alongside the Royal Mail, we are able to access special postal discounts that no delivery and mailing company can offer.

Our team of experts work non-stop around the clock in order to enable that products and mail are sent out on time, always to the correct consumer. We have a variety of different options we offer to protect your mail, address your mail and the postal discounts we can offer through working with leading professionals in the mailing industry.

Postal Discounts

How Is Direct Mail Effective?

Sending out mail to customers or prospects becomes part of the home once it is through the letter box and is engaged with 4.2 times on average once it is in front of the customer. 45% of direct mail stays in households for a month or more, so it’s not surprising that it drives further activity down the line, improving immediate response times and those weeks down the line. 31% of direct mail leads to commercial actions, whether that’s purchasing, going online to your website or visiting a store. Add personalisation to this, the ROI goes up to 50%! There’s no wonder that 70% of consumers say direct mail makes them feel more valued in comparison to online marketing such as emails and social media offers. And let’s face it, who can blame them!

Postal Discounts At Alpha Response

If you are looking to send out postcards, leaflets, booklets or magazines for your business, we can expertly print and mail these for you alongside the mailing experts at the Royal Mail. We will print and personalise each piece of mail in our very own printing workshop, and then hand over this material to the Royal Mail for expert mailing services, with guaranteed quick and efficient delivery.

When sending out mail, you may find it can cost you a considerable amount in postage fees, especially items that are individual. Whether it be pet food, soft toys… you name it, we’ve sent it. So, no matter how 3D your mailing is, you can be sure that Alpha Response can handle it all for you. Especially working with the Royal Mail as a joint venture, all mailed items will be handled by both us and them. Even through individual items, you can expect to pay little in postage fees due to the discounts we have on offer via working with the Royal Mail.

What’s key for you is that our years of experience working with postal carriers mean we can find the best price for your mailing, whatever you want to send. Our location is also easily accessible to major roadways, so quick and easy postage options are also available (first, second class, signed delivery…etc). We have worked with a number of different clients, including the likes of Supermarket giants Sainsbury’s, helping to print, enclose and send out their magazine.

Enclosing of Sainsbury’s Magazine

To see our automated enclosing machine in action watch the video.

All UK parcels and letters can be sent using these methods:

– Special Delivery Guaranteed by 9am

– Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm

– Royal Mail Tracked 24

– Royal Mail Tracked 48

– 1st Class

– 2nd Class

– Sameday courier

We Process your data, Personalise your print, Envelope, Polwrap, create Self Mailers… and much more, ultimately saving you money on postage. We also provide a strong and knowledgeable process that takes you from your creative ideas and mailing concepts, right through the data planning and print production to when your mailing is delivered, opened and acted upon. Our advice at the start of the mail planning will assist in cost-effective production and mailing. And we will show you ‘How to save money on postage’.

We can ship out letters, leaflets or any kind of personalised mail to your customer base. As long as we have the appropriate data (name, address…etc) we can personalise many aspects of our mail to be as specific to the customer as possible! We highly recommend this service, as the average customer who uses this form of marketing sees a 50% response rate off the back of it!

How personal can you make direct mail

Our Mailing Services include:

  • Advertising & Business Mailings
  • Letters,Postcards, Brochures print production
  • Self-Mailers
  • Invoices, Statements, Certificates
  • Customer Welcome Packs
  • Lumpy Mail – Parcels, Posters – you name it we’ve probably assembled and mailed it!
  • Automated Programmatic Mail
  • Data Cleaning, Capture & Testing

…and more!

Our Services

Royal Mail & Postal Discounts

If you are looking to send out fast and efficient mail to a variety of prospects or current customers, then make sure to take advantage of our postal discounts we can offer via our working relationship with the Royal Mail. Contact us to enquire about pricing. To move forward and discover how to get great results, please call us on 03300 563980 or fill in our contact form here.

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