Direct mail is such a great way to engage with your audience. We wanted to share our ideas on why direct mail is still effective and why you should consider using direct print mail marketing to make your business stand out.


Increase brand awareness

Direct mail campaigns have the power to increase awareness of your brand. The more times they view your mailer the more familiar your logo, your brand name and what you do will feel to them. There may come a day when they want your product and because of your mailer, they might then visit your website and buy something from you.

Create a lasting impression

As customers physically hold and touch mail before deciding if they want to keep it or not, direct mail is a great way to make a lasting impact on your customer. If you include a promotional offer or a call to action that requires the customer to do something with the mailer, such as use it for a discount at a restaurant, they are more likely to keep it.

Reach your target audience

Direct mail can help you to reach a specific audience, especially if your target audience is less likely to use social media or emails. This allows you to capture some potential new customers when you would have missed them completely with other digital marketing activities.

Be creative with your direct mail

Using direct mail as part of your marketing strategy allows you to be creative in the design of your mailing. Experiment with some fun and innovative ideas – the more your mailing stands out, the better to help raise awareness of your brand with customers.

Track your mailing

The process of tracking a direct mail campaign isn’t the same as other digital marketing activity, however, it is still possible. If you are looking to get people visiting your website, for example, create a unique landing page to track results. When people visit the specific landing page, you will know that they have come from the direct mail campaign. Or you could set up a specific email address or phone number for customers to get in touch from the direct mail campaign.


Print direct mail is still very much alive and can be a very powerful tool to use in your marketing strategy. Are you thinking of adding direct mail to your marketing plans? Contact us today and find out what we can do for you.