How much do you really know about the power of print? In an increasingly digital world there are few businesses left who are truly aware of how print can help them to accomplish their marketing objectives. The overabundance of digital material has presented us with an opportunity for print to become truly effective at creating engaging, creative, and versatile content that benefits from being held and read in person rather than through a screen. Here we will reinforce this message by going through some of the key statistics surrounding print and its efficacy as a marketing and advertising tool.

The power of print

Evidence suggests that campaigns combining print and digital are most effective; advertising that combined digital and print saw a whopping 25% higher response rate than campaigns who only used digital marketing by itself! The evidence doesn’t stop there, however. Campaigns that included print were found to be 67% more effective at delivering fresh customers, and 90% of the campaigns that chose to include door drops reported a rise in acquisition when compared to 59% for those that chose not to.

It’s also clear that print is more engaging, in that not only are people more likely to read it but are more likely to spend time focusing on what they are reading. For 58% and 60% of the time we spend reading magazines and newspapers respectively, our focus is spent solely on that medium. Newspaper ads are also viewed 2.5 times longer than an average digital advertisement, with long-term memory encoding of printed mail being 49% stronger than e-mail. This means printed advertising is more likely to positively impact future behaviour.

Print advertising

Because the internet has significantly grown in the past decade, accelerated rapidly by the onset of the pandemic, it has put all other forms of media at a disadvantage when it comes to attracting new customers. While the print element of media expenditure in advertising has depreciated, print remains a pivotal channel for a significant amount of advertising.

This effectiveness was proven in a 2020 Re-evaluating media for recovery report conducted by Ebiquity. This report looked at how brands could grow during the challenging times ahead and found that brand salience (the degree to which a brand is considered or noticed in customer purchasing decisions) is now the most valued attribute in advertising campaigns. Magazines and newspapers ranked fourth and third in the list of media that increases brand salience for customers, making them an incredibly important component of future marketing strategies.

The future of print

So what does the future of print look like? By 2030, it’s likely that the print landscape will look vastly different from the pre-COVID one. From 2015 to 2030, the volume of the worldwide printed packaging and print market is expected to fall by at least 15%. This is despite the value of the market projected to grow by close to 6.8%. These numbers may seem worrying, since it speaks to a lack of awareness from marketers in the power that print can provide them. To combat this, it’s important that more people are made aware of the efficacy of print, particularly when combined with digital media. If you’re interested in taking advantage of what print has to offer, get in contact with us at the details below!

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