Any sort of transactional documentation and invoices in your business is an overhead.  What we mean by that is, they don’t earn their keep in terms of bringing anything back into the business.  Except, of course, payment for the job done, but they could also be bringing you in even more business!

With a little bit of thought, you could turn your transactional documentation – invoices, statements and notices into a sales generating and marketing vehicle, giving you a return on investment rather than an overhead.


So, how would you do this?


Well, by using some interactive features and dynamic white space management, you can turn your transactional documentation into highly targeted marketing communications tools.


Data-driven and targeted messaging on routine documents


This means that you can insert your marketing message into your routine documents at every juncture.  This will make them another ‘marketing tool’ in your armoury!  All your clients will see and read your statements or invoices, so why not put your marketing message right in front of their noses when they do!


Use a vibrant mix of variable data, design and digital colour printing


By using an eclectic mix of data, design and colour, you can make your bog standard documentation really ‘pop’.  Let’s face it, no-one wants to open an invoice, but if you consider making it look interesting, then your clients will be more appreciative of what you’re trying to do.


Sell additional products and services to existing customers in your invoices


This is a biggie!  Just consider this – if you’re sending an invoice out to a client for a product or service that you’ve delivered, but you have other products or services that they may not know about, you can feature these on your invoice to them.  It’s targeted specifically to them and could have the potential to get you extra sales!


Leverage QR codes, PURLS and customized coordinated campaigns


Now we’re getting into the myriad of benefits that a simple invoice could give you, as a business owner.  QR codes, personalised URL’s for specific landing pages, or a planned coordinated series of marketing communication efforts built around a single theme or idea and designed to reach a particular goal.

Of course, these campaigns can change on a regular basis to fit in with your key marketing message throughout the year.  This keeps your transactional documentation fresh, ‘on message’ and an important part of your marketing mix.


Increase your marketing reach with minimal investment and maximum ROI


It’s often overlooked by business owners that any piece of documentation could potentially be used as marketing too.  And invoices are no different!  There’s a minimal investment because you’re sending the invoices out anyway, but instead of it costing you to do so, you can turn your invoicing process into a sales magnet to maximise your return on the minimal investment you’d make!  A win-win situation really!!


Increase the value of your customer communications with your invoices


Equally, you can extend the value of your customer communications. You can rapidly and affordably insert bespoke marketing messages, graphics and custom campaigns into the existing white space on your clients’ invoices and statements – without having the need for complicated and time-consuming redesign and programming.




So by turning your transactional mail into a marketing tool, you can not only save time and money on production costs, you can also add real value to your business with a positive effect on sales and bottom-line profit.

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