Naked mailings, otherwise known as direct mail, are a form of printed marketing put through the doors of your customers, but not in an envelope. They have been proven to be highly effective for a range of businesses, but what actually are the benefits you could get from embracing naked mailings? Here we explore these benefits a little further to give you more of an impression of what you can expect from this form of marketing.


Naked mailings present businesses with a perfect opportunity to utilise personalisation, one of the most fundamentally important aspects for effective marketing. The great thing about this is that everything on the mail can be personalised, which means you have a direct line of communication to your customer where you get to dictate what they see and digest in terms of content.

When you personalise content to that customer specifically, they are far more likely to engage with that piece of marketing as they can feel it speaks to them directly. In this way naked mailings can be a fantastic marketing tool for drawing in new customers and retaining old ones.


Naked mailings can be highly targeted to specific demographics or groups in a way that other marketing techniques cannot. Segmenting by demographics (gender, income, age, geographical location) can be highly effective for implementing naked mailing marketing campaigns because by accurately targeting certain groups you can produce greater results for customer engagement and retention.

Segmentation of the market also allows you to successfully meet market expectations that you have previously set out.


There is a certain trust that comes with postal services which cannot be found elsewhere. Because mail is a familiar and trusted marketing approach, recipient’s are far more likely to read your marketing content if it is mailed through the door, especially since they can physically handle what you’ve sent them. A recent study found that 82% of millennials view messages that are printed on paper as being more trustworthy than digital versions.


Studies have proven that your brain responds better to naked mailings than digital content. Naked mailing campaigns have been shown to require 21% less cognitive effort to process when compared with digital and so are far more easily understood by customers. Recall from participants was also 70% higher with direct mail compared to digital methods of marketing. This means that as well as a greater understanding of your messaging, recipients are more likely to remember you and your product.

Cost effective

Naked mailings are a cost-effective channel for marketing because of the massively higher than average response rates that are received. For example, when we compare e-mail with naked mailings on a ‘send cost per recipient’ basis, e-mail will be cheaper. However, since the aim of marketing campaigns is to get the recipient to initiate action, just measuring the cost to send is not adequate, and it is therefore far more important to see what effect the send has actually had overall.

Since research has demonstrated that naked mailings have far higher response rates than e-mails, it becomes evident that they are far more effective overall here. A higher response rate means they are more cost-effective overall because you are fully utilising the full extent of your budget to produce results.

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