Many have become accustomed now to the narrative that print is dead. This is simply not the case, and it’s actually true that if you already have a digital marketing campaign in place, embracing print might be the best decision you ever make! Having a balance of print with digital is what’s most key here, and reading further we will explore the success that the relationship between the two can bring.

Print is present

Because digital marketing and screen time comes with a barrage of banners, ads, and email inbox overloads, print has seen a resurgence in recent years that makes it rated a more trustworthy and reliable form of marketing. Digital has a number of advantages but because the digital environment is so distracting and frenetic, customers will continue to carry on swiping and tapping whenever advertisements pop up. Consuming print, however, is a more focused experience that captures full attention.  Educational research has indicated that we are more likely to remember something the more we are able to interact with it. By physically turning the pages in a publication or unfolding a brochure more of our senses are engaged in the process, leaving a stronger impact on an audience.

Print can be personalised

For those environments and situations where you are meeting a potential audience face-to-face, print reigns supreme. When you are interacting with potential customers, a QR code is never going to have the same impact as a printed catalogue or brochure put into the hands of your customer. Those materials themselves will typically lead the consumer to a website of yours for further details.

Print has a certain amount of gravitas

Launching a new technology, offering, or product with a high-quality printed advertisement sets a tone of quality and trust that a digital campaign simply cannot duplicate. In fact, magazine and newspaper advertisement are reported to be the most trustworthy types of advertising. Luxury retailers, for example, from automotive to fashion, firmly understand the power of a fantastically produced, glossy piece of printed advertising from a high-end publication. For these luxury consumers, the printed format is part of the experience, and this type of psychology should not be lost on marketers!

Print helps you stand out

Since our digital inboxes are bursting with things trying to grab our attention, our physical inboxes are becoming less crowded than ever before, which guarantees that print media will stand out when it comes through the letterbox. Since direct mail open rates are between 80-90% compared to 20-30% email open rates, and 79% of consumers find reading physical printed mail more convenient than reading emails, this seems a no-brainer!

 Perfect partnership

Digital marketing can be measurable, efficient, and reach consumers where they are. Print is impactful, trusted, and becoming increasingly distinctive! Together, they could be a powerful marketing partnering. Print messages are going to have more of an impact if they reinforce online messaging, and vice versa.

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