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One of the most unique business sectors in the UK is the car dealership market. In Britain, Latest estimates show that about 80 per cent of all adults aged 17 and over in England (an estimated 35.9 million people) hold a full car driving licence. Thus, the market for those looking to buy, rent or finance cars is staggering.

This means car dealerships face heavy competition when it comes to attracting those to purchase or do business from their workshop. This made us think…what marketing strategies are you currently using to gain the best rate of response? You are probably using platforms that many others are using; social media, emails, banners on the front door, but are you taking advantage of what print marketing has to offer?

Especially in the car dealership trade, there are endless possibilities as to which print advertising can be used to take you and your dealership to the next level, surpassing and leaving your competitors behind. Many are unaware that advertising combining digital and print together saw a 25% higher response rate than campaigns that used digital marketing alone. And as we have mentioned in our leaflet, personalisation is the method to take advantage of.

This is an essential reason for the success print has been able to achieve; when customers feel they are being personally spoken to by a particular brand or person, it has massive positive repercussions for retention and engagement. If a customer was to receive information from the person who directly spoke to them in person a few days or weeks before, seeing a familiar face will prompt this rate of response, ultimately making it increasingly likely that they go forward in completing business.

From something simple such as a customer name, clients will more likely read a piece of information that is directed specifically at them. This could be deals, new car offers, MOT updates, information about their current model, the list goes on. When people see a certain discount or deal that speaks to them personally, this is something that instantly grabs their attention.

When you think of the additional digital noise that goes along with online advertisement – from pop-ups, virus risks, flashing banners and ads, notifications and auto-play videos – it makes sense that many consumers, when surveyed, rate forms of digital advertising so lowly as compared to print. Adding a personalised element to this already advantageous position only increases your chances of successfully retaining and gaining customers.

As long as you have the information and can provide it easily (customer name, car make, model, car colour, information relevant to them), we can do all the work for you after this, creating a piece of genius marketing that can be sent to the client with imagery and information personalised only to them. Whether this be a few hundred customers, or a few thousand, we can complete any job given to us through our expert printing and fulfilment services.

Personalised print is one step in the right direction when it comes to engaging an audience base. You may want to attract new customers, or want those who have previously done business to receive updates surrounding their car, print marketing is beneficial for all reasons to speak to a customer. It’s direct, physical and if done right, can grab their attention in an instant.

Choose personalised print as a way to revolutionise your marketing approach today!

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