INTEGRATED - Alpha Response


The advantages of an alpha response integrated campaign… you know your message is getting out there.

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  1. Detailed metrics and prospect profiling, to provide:
  • real-time powerful tracking and reporting on who reads and clicks what, helping you identify what’s working and what isn’t
  • prospect profiling: we collect valuable data and insights on individual prospects and customers by monitoring what was clicked within an email
  • the entire customer journey can be tracked cross-channel from the initial open to a successful conversion.
  1. End-to-end personalisation, with the following features:
  • eye-catching, memorable emails, featuring innovative personalisation, from our in-house designers and developers
  • URLs in all our online and offline communications, so our intelligent landing pages can maintain the end-to-end personalised journey
  • tailored content for specific data segments so that, for example, high value clients get one message and low value clients receive something different.
  1. Responsive segmentation, to include:
  • regular reviews of your campaign performance to improve response rates
  • adjustments ranging from alterations to design and copy of a landing page, through to a changing channels of communication from one medium to another
  • rapid identification of hot leads plans for appropriate follow-up
  • high quality maintenance of data lists to a high standard, always segmenting when necessary.